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14 septembre 2009

C to Html

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C to HTML converter


Here is a little tool which permits to beautify the C source file for the Web publishing (I worked from a Tom St Denis release).
C2HTML is a tool running in a command line mode which converts the ‘infile.c’ C source file into ‘outfile.c.html’ HTML source file.

In-line help

> C2HTML infile.c outfile.c.html
Permits to convert a C source file in a HTML file
with the following characteristics :
Tab                     converted in spaces (1 up to 8).
Return                  converted in CR + LF.
Comments                with green color.
Preprocesseur           with cyan color.
Pragma                  with red color.
Keyword                 with brown color.
Character constants     with blue color.
String constants        with blue color.
Numerical constants     with purple color.


Here is the last release 1.10

(1) To see the HTML program source, I applied the C2Html source to itself of course !
(2) The C source file can be directly compiled with GNU Gcc, Borland TurboC or Microsoft VisualC++ compiler.

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